Paints, brushes, canvas, stained pallet

Litter about the kitchen turned studio

Apron stained with colours dangle around my neck

Rainy Jazz playing…

I’m in my element

Bipolar, Happy Days, and The Yoruba woman

All sat around and watched

As my brush kissed and caressed my canvas

Jealous, they whispered… “this art will take our place”

Whispers went wild, inspirations went AWOL

A quick search to inspire through my window but slowly faded away

It’s all blacked out,

Dark sky staring at me, It’s just past midnight

Bed cries, I couldn’t resist

Sweet dreams images flashed through my mind

It’s 4am and the summer lights slowly pierced through my window

Dashed to my studio

Lost in my thought, it’s Change of plans

I closed my eyes

And let loose the beast within  

Have the brush and take control

Shhh! It’s total silence

And at dawn it was done

Opened my eyes and saw the light

Behold and all I see is ICHAFU

From the 90s, An African beauty

Elaborate head tie beaming class and splendour

I looked through my window and smiled to the dawn.

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