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Welcome to
Anadu’s Gallery.

Chieloka Anadu is a self-taught artist based in the United Kingdom. Brought up in Nigeria, he started drawing, painting, and sculpting at a tender age. His early works before age 10 were of landscape painting, graphic design, and comics before exploring portraiture and eventually various painting styles.
He went on to acquire a degree in Architecture in his home country before moving to the United Kingdom to further his education. His background in Architecture has greatly influenced his works as it enhanced his attention to detail, the way he works with spaces in an organised form as well as his conceptual works.
His works are often narrative as he enjoys storytelling. The NILE - Nature, Igbo heritage, Life experience, and his Environment - are the four pillars where the artist draws inspiration from as he seeks to explore the five aspects of life from spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and social. The artist is a strong admirer of nature and its beauty. In his own words, “Great artists have lived and will live, but nature is the greatest of them all”.
The artist is quite eclectic in his approach as he believes “Art is freedom, and no Artist should be put in a box”. He explores mixed media in most of his works which ranges from painting, drawing, graphic design, and sculpture.
Chieloka has worked on several commissioned pieces for both individuals and businesses and have been involved with artist collaboration. Most of his works can be found in private collections.
The Holy Art Gallery

New Horizons Exhibition, London

Original Artworks

Buy original artworks ranging from paintings, drawings, sculptures photography to other media.
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Ten Greatest Artist of all Time
Art, I believe is unique and has a mind of its own. Therefore, each artist is unique in his/her own style but some artists have distinguished themselves in ways beyond one’s imagination. These are indeed great artists.
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